Beware The China Cooling Room Scam

  • The temperature of chinacoldroom China Cooling Room in the combustion of the combustible mixer is as high as 2073-2273 K. The parts (such as cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc.) which are in direct contact with the high temperature gas, if not cooled in time.

    Cold water machine can be divided into water cooling and air cooling in the form of refrigeration. In technology, water cooling can be more than 300 to 500 kcal/h. In price, water is much colder than air.

    On the installation, water should be included in the cooling tower for use, air cooling is removable, without other auxiliary, but air-cooled chiller with fan cooling, only to environmental requirements: such as ventilation, humidity, temperature is not above 40 ° C, air ph.

    Many ammonia refrigeration companies can service and repair you. But not all provide a complete service. Do you need help designing a new system? Our engineering staff can customize any system you need.

    Ammonia is one of the most effective applications, ranging from high to low temperatures. With the growing concern about energy consumption, ammonia systems are a safe and sustainable future choice. In general, submerging ammonia systems is 15-20% more efficient than the DX R404A.

    Recent advances in the combination of NH3 and CO2 have helped to further improve efficiency. The NH3 / CO2 cascade is very effective for low temperature and low temperature applications, whereas the NH3 / CO2 brine system is about 20% more efficient than conventional brine. China Cooling Room :